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How will we use your information?

Email: We will only use your email address to contact you with specific order details or questions regarding your order. We will also use your email address to provide you with shipment tracking information.

Phone Number: We will only use your phone number to contact you with specific order details or questions regarding your order.

Address: If you are paying by credit card, we will transmit certain address details to our merchant bank when processing your credit card.

How will we not use your information?

We will not sell or in any way distribute your contact information or order details to any third party.

We do not endorse or participate in any Unsolicited Commercial Email (a.k.a. UCE or SPAM) activities.

Is my information secure?

Yes. All information sent to this site, if in an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties. Click the 'Secure Server Information' link at the bottom of the screen to view our security certificate.

We do not maintain a customer database on our server. Orders are downloaded periodically from this site and immediately removed from our online database. For the short time that your information remains on our server, all credit card details are stored in an encrypted format

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